Product Spotlight: Ghost Pepper Garlic

Featured Product:  Ghost Pepper Garlic

The Ghost Pepper Garlic pickles we make are not only popular, but they also have a cult following.  The fact that we only use premium real Ghost Peppers (bhut jolokia) is what makes them so special.  Only about once or twice a year are we able to secure a large number of Ghost Peppers.  Usually right around the beginning of August to December.  This is my number one favorite pickle we make because it has all the flavor of the Gnarly Garlic with a sneaky spicy burn strong enough to wake up the dead.

Ghost Peppers

When you take a bite…

When you first take that crunchy bite of the Ghost Pepper Garlic you think ok, I can handle that heat…  Then about 5 seconds later it hits you.  You get all that bodacious garlic flavor upfront along with the zing of the vinegar.  Following that, you start to get the burning, tingling sensation of the ghost peppers doing their thing.  We do balance the heat with flavor, so it is not just a stupid heat.  You can enjoy these pickles as a snack, along with a juicy hot dog, or along with some nice cheese.  So please, do not let the ghost scare you away.  Take a chance on these and put a smile back on your face…


Cucumber, Water, Vinegar, Garlic, Ghost Peppers, Salt, Sugar, and Spices

Food Pairings: 

Well, these pickles you will most likely not be putting in your kid’s lunches.  If you are making a charcuterie board, these pair extremely well with a nice sharp cheese.  If you want to step up your pickle roll-up, try rolling this pickle up with a piece of sliced turkey, cheese, and a line of mustard.  This is a healthy low-carb snack that will surely not disappoint.

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  • DAVE says:

    I want to order these but the website says “order online”, but there is no cart options (???) I bought the Ghost Pepper ones at Seed To Table but when I went there last week they were out.. I NEED THESE FRICKIN PICKELS!!!

    • They are only around when we can get Fresh Ghost Peppers. Once we get a large batch we will spread them all around Florida, but we only use the best quality ingredients, so need to wait for perfection!

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