How To Open a Chill Dill Container?

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How To Open a Chill Dill Container

You finally got your hands on some of the greatest pickles in the world, you get them home and want to crack into that jar right away.  You take it out of the bag, put it on the kitchen counter and then you freeze up.  How do I open this thing up?  We put a little diagram on the label that shows how to open a Chill Dill container, “Break Tab, Lift the Lid, and Snap to Close.”  However, when you are really trying to get into that jar, that little diagram gets overlooked.  Here is a short clip showing how to crack the code.  Enjoy.

Step By Step Directions

First Step:  Break the “Break Tab”

Second Step:  Lift the lid

Thirds Step:  Hammer out some Dills!

Third Step:  Place the lid back on the jar

Final Step:  Snap the lid in place all around the jar

You are now good to go.


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