Gnarly Garlic in on display.

Gnarly Garlic

Featured Product:  Gnarly Garlic

Our Gnarly Garlic pickles are one of the best pickles we make.  These garlic base dill pickles are bursting with flavor.  We start with fresh cucumbers, drench them with our Chill Dill brine, add organic spices, and then a massive ice cream scooper of freshly minced garlic.  This process is what makes our game-changing Gnarly Garlic Pickles.  If you have not tried them, they will not disappoint.


When you take a bite…

When you crunch into a Gnarly Garlic you mouth gets hit we so many flavor profiles.  You start with that famous Chill Dill crunch and then get hit with the salty and tangy brine flavor.  Once you get past the initial brine blast, you start to feel and taste the garlic.  Your mouth thanks you with salivation and you go immediately back for another one…


Cucumber, Water, Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Pure Cane Sugar, and Spices

Food Pairings: 

What doesn’t pair well with garlic?  Dice up fine to make a garlic dill relish for your hot dogs.  Pair some brine with Hendriks Gin to make a dirty martini.  Sit alongside a Ruben sandwich or one of your favorites.  Or pair with air and just slam your Gnarly Garlics by our self.