Same Great Pickle, New Look.

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You may have already noticed that we have made a few changes the last few months.  We are working hard to get our pickles out to as many Chill Dill lovers as we can.  We have listened to your feedback and made a few small changes.  For one… Our jars can now be opened without an engineering degree.  Many people had problems opening and closing the jars, so do not feel like you are the only one.  We listened and got a jar from a local company that has a larger break tab and a lot easier to close.  The biggest difference is when you see our jars on the shelf.  You will now notice a vibrant new label.  We have been working with a local designer who has helped to make our labels great!  So, keep an eye out for us at your next farmers market or in your favorite gourmet grocery store.

Freedom “OG” Chips

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Introducing our Freedom “OG” Chips

These guys will only come around a few times a year.  Whenever you are in need of the perfect topper for your burger or sandwich reach for a jar of these.  When you see them at your favorite location, do not hesitate to snag them up.  Bearss Groves will have a fresh stock of these for the 4th of July weekend.

Patriotic Chip Flyer

Two New Locations to get Chill Dills!

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The Chill Dill is proud to announce that we are now in two of the Family Farm locations in Tampa.  With this being said we now have a location for everyone in south Tampa as well as our friends in Lutz.  Family Friendly Farm on Westshore is located at 3401 S Westshore Blvd Tampa, FL 33629.  Their second location is in Lutz.  The Family Farm on 41 is located at 206 Newberger Rd, Lutz, FL 33549.  We have their locations fully stocked with nearly every flavor.  Stop in both locations to get some Dill’s and check out the rest of the local goodness they have for sale.


Bringing in the Bodacious Broccoli

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We are proud to announce our newest flavor to The Chill Dill product line.  Bodacious Broccoli is a lemon pepper, garlic flavor punch of Broccoli.  Not only does it have the beautiful florets of broccoli heads, but it also has a mix of crunchy trunk slices.  This is often thrown out, but it packs an amazing base to hold the flavor and still give you a crispy chip like crunch.  Not only is the product great to munch on or toss in your favorite dish, but when you are done, you have an amazing lemon pepper marinade for your grilling pleasure!  Now available online.

Chill Dill Giving Back

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The Bone Online presents another Pickles and Lemonade event!  This amazing event will be raising proceeds for the Apple a Day program, which gifts an iPad to a pediatric cancer patient in the Tampa Bay area and help kids stay connected while fighting cancer.  We have donated a few gallons of O.G’s to make sure everyone who donates gets some great pickles.
Taking place this Thursday, May 12th in the Cox Media Group Parking lot from 12-6.  Stop by to make a quick donation and pickup some Pickles and Lemonade, or please donate to this great cause right here.
Thanks to Drew and Seth for keeping this amazing charity running.  You can hear them share some of the patients stories on the Drew Garabo Live show on 102.5 the Bone from 2-6PM.
Thanks for the support!

District Tavern Now Featuring The Chill Dill

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Who they are:  District Tavern is the Channel District’s friendly neighborhood upscale tavern and go-to for a locally-sourced approachable menu and expansive drink list. 
Located: 116 N 12th St, Tampa FL 33602 @ SkyHouse Channelside
They are featuring our pickled Cool Cauli and our Kickin’ Carrots for an amazing house chartreuse board.  Come for this great snack and do not forget to try one of their other great menu items like my favorite Fried Grouper Cheeks!

Epic Event Alert!

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Chill Dill Market this Sunday

If you do not catch us on Saturday at Wiregrass Fresh Market, then you got to come see us on Sunday.
This is an awesome event that we are able to be a part of and we want you all to come! Tampa Indie Flea is in a beautiful old building downtown (Rialto Theater) and it’s next to a brewery (Hidden Springs Ale Works). There are over 70 vendors expected to be there. So grab your friends and come take a look around and grab a beer if you want!

Who we are…

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If you ever wanted to know who your Chill Dill team is, her you go.  We want to thank Joe who was the amazing artist who did this spot on rendition of our team.  Not only did he capture what we all look like, he also included our mascot “Dean.”  To read about how we all got started in this crazy pickle adventure check out our About Us page.  We look forward to seeing you all in 2016.  Stay posted for more exciting news in 2016 by following our every move on Facebook.

Cool Cauli is here!

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Are you ready to try our newest and greatest flavor?  Cool Cauli!  These little florets of white crunchy goodness have all of the healthy properties of cauliflower with a garlicky, vinegary, and savory flavor punch.  These little pieces of white gold will only be sold online and at the local farmers markets, so come on out and get you hands and mouth on them!

Awesome Asparagus Is Back!

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I am happy to share with all of you the news that the Awesome Asparagus are back!  If you have not tried these amazing little guys, then you are missing out on life.  These asparagus are packed with a healthy dose of fresh minced garlic and just a touch of jalapeno giving it a mild peppery hint.  The spice is only there as a hint and not too spicy at all.  You can try these in any cooking dish, put them on a salad, add them to a darn good Bloody Mary, or eat them straight out of the jar.  Any way you slice it, I highly recommend you try this product out!