Carrollwood Market Success

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When we told you “we will put the thrill back into your dill,” we were not lying.  This market was very successful in getting our pickles out to new people.  There was a great flow of traffic and lots of pickle lovers everywhere.  If you have not been to the North Tampa Market, I highly recommend you checking it out next month.  As for the pickles we once again knocked the socks off of people with our seasonal Ghost Pepper Garlic’s being the first product to sell out.  So, next market get there early to get your hand on the limited quantities of Ghost Pepper Garlic’s.  We had a great time and look forward to next month.

North Tampa Market

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We are so excited to announce we are in another market! The North Tampa Market is at the Carrollwood Cultural Center, located at 4537 Lowell Road, Tampa, 33618. This market runs every second Saturday from 10:00PM-2:00PM. We will be there starting this Saturday and the weather is supposed to be just beautiful! Among a fine pickle selection, you can also find fresh food, hand crafts, AND live music!

We hope to see you all there!

Selling out in Downtown Market

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Sometimes selling out is a good thing.  But when you sell out of your Ghost Pepper Garlic’s in the first hour, that is a really good thing.  We want to thank Wendy and the Tampa Bay Downtown Market for organizing a great first market and getting us a great spot.  The market will run every third Sunday from 10-3 PM.  There are plenty of things to do and see there and you are right in beautiful Downtown Tampa.

We also want to thank all of the people who know The Chill Dill and love them for once again coming back and getting more pickles.  Not only do we want to thank all of our pickles lovers, but we also want to thank the handful of people who do not like pickles who gave The Chill Dill a chance and became a lover of our pickles!  #ItsNotAPickleItsAChillDill

Bearss Groves Sampling

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We had the pleasure yesterday of sampling out our delicious pickles to a great crowd at Bearss Groves in Tampa.  They have an amazing Fall setup with every size of pumpkin you can imagine.  If you have not stopped by yet, make sure you support local and pickup some high quality produce, a nice big orange pumpkin, and a jar of Chill Dills!  They were our very first location in Tampa, and they are still going strong.