Awesome Asparagus Is Back!

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I am happy to share with all of you the news that the Awesome Asparagus are back!  If you have not tried these amazing little guys, then you are missing out on life.  These asparagus are packed with a healthy dose of fresh minced garlic and just a touch of jalapeno giving it a mild peppery hint.  The spice is only there as a hint and not too spicy at all.  You can try these in any cooking dish, put them on a salad, add them to a darn good Bloody Mary, or eat them straight out of the jar.  Any way you slice it, I highly recommend you try this product out!

New Gear Is Here!

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We wanted to bring you a hat that you would love to wear.  That is what we have done.  These grey Flex Fit hats come in either S/M or L/XL.  They have Dean on the front with The Chill Dill written out across the back.  These hats are limited right now to Markets only.  We will debut them this Sunday at the Seminole Heights Market.  Come out and see us.

We Now Offer Shipping

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Yes, we now offer shipping!

Ever wanted Chill Dills delivered straight to your door?

We have teamed up with Fedex to be able to deliver your ice cold Chill Dills right to your doorstep.  Simply select the products you would like and add them to your cart and checkout.  For the best value on shipping, try and order 5 jars at once.  All jars come in your very own custom box as well as a custom Chill Dill cooler.  We are fully stocked with everything except for our Ghost Pepper Garlic and can ship out starting Monday.

Check Out Our Newest Location

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The Chill Dill now has a Seminole Heights location.  We are proud to announce that The Chill Dill pickles are now being sold at The Jug and Bottle Depot.  You can find our pickles along with a wide variety of craft beers, fresh flowers, artisan foods, and a growler filling station.  If you have not been to the Jug yet; get up, get dressed, and head on over to 6203 N. Florida Ave, Tampa, Florida 33604.  

For more info on this great place, check out their Instagram Page.

Special Downtown Market on March 1st

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We are doing a Tampa Downtown Market on a special day of March 1st this month.  It will be taking place the last day of the 45th Annual Gasparilla Art Festival and running from 10:00 – 4:30.  I have been to this festival many times and it is something you must see.  Come on down and check out the Art Fest at Curtis Hixton Park, then come see us at our usual spot under the Sykes building.


Here is Tomorrow’s Starting Lineup

IMG_4671 (2)

Happy New Year!

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It is that time of year again…

A time to look back at the year and reflect on it.  A time to look forward to the new year and all the joy it has to bring.  Two Thousand and Fourteen was a great year for The Chill Dill.  To think; less than a year ago we were just sitting around having a limp pickle and said “This is unacceptable, and we can do better!”  Do better is what we did.  We now bring you the freshest, crunchiest, best pickles around.  We are very happy with the products that we have created this year and the direction the company grew in 2014.

Now, looking forward to 2015.  Currently we have 5 flavors that we offer.  We plan on adding at least 2 more products to our line in 2015.  We also plan on extending our farmers market presence to Wiregrass Market and perhaps Hyde Park Market.  We look forward to adding the shipping option to our web site early next year as well as offer some great merchandise.  We are looking for a prime location in Sarasota to sell our Chill Dills so we can take care of all the requests in Sarasota.

With all of that being said, we just want to thank everyone who has been there who has supported us in our endeavors.  Without you, we would not be here.  We look forward to many more years of bringing you the best pickles around!

The Chill Dill Team.

Come See How Good We Look!

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It is that time again when the weather gets nice, everyone is outside, and it is almost turkey time.  Come out and join us at the Tampa Downtown Market this Sunday to try all of our pickles.  It is also a great idea to stock up for your Thanksgiving festivals.  Believe it or not, Chill Dills can go nicely in cornbread stuffing, cranberry sauce, or even go a little crazy and stuff the bird with some seriously spicy pickles.  Any way you slice it, it will be all good shared with good friends and family.

National Pickle Day

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It’s National Pickle Day! Pickles have been a popular food for thousands of years. In 2030 B.C., cucumbers were imported from India to the Tigris Valley. There, they were first preserved and eaten as pickles.

In ancient Egypt, people consumed pickles for their nutritional value and because they were thought to enhance beauty. Cleopatra attributed her good looks to her full diet of pickles. Centuries later, Napoleon believed that pickles offered health benefits for his armies, so he offered a huge cash prize to anyone who was able to preserve them safely.

Today we honor the culinary history of pickles. This versatile vegetable can be enjoyed as a condiment, snack, or side dish. Stock up on your favorite kind of pickles and celebrate National Pickle Day!

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Come out to see us on Sunday at the Downtown Market for a chance to win your very own blow up Dean!