How To Open a Chill Dill Container?

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How To Open a Chill Dill Container

You finally got your hands on some of the greatest pickles in the world, you get them home and want to crack into that jar right away.  You take it out of the bag, put it on the kitchen counter and then you freeze up.  How do I open this thing up?  We put a little diagram on the label that shows how to open a Chill Dill container, “Break Tab, Lift the Lid, and Snap to Close.”  However, when you are really trying to get into that jar, that little diagram gets overlooked.  Here is a short clip showing how to crack the code.  Enjoy.

Step By Step Directions

First Step:  Break the “Break Tab”

Second Step:  Lift the lid

Thirds Step:  Hammer out some Dills!

Third Step:  Place the lid back on the jar

Final Step:  Snap the lid in place all around the jar

You are now good to go.


Thanks for all of the love!


Product Spotlight: Totally Original “OG”

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Product Spotlight:  Totally Original “OG” Pickles

Each month we will spotlight a Chill Dill flavor to break down all of the goodness that is in every jar.  We invite you to explore our first edition of the Product Spotlight and focus on The Totally Original “OG” pickle.

Featured Product:  Totally Original “OG”

Chill Dill’s Totally Original is the “OG” of our entire company.  The recipe was created from scratch and took months and months to perfect it.  We wanted to get the perfect balance of salty, tangy, with a touch of sweet.  Yet we still felt the need to let the vegetable show up in the flavor profile as well.  In of 2014 we took the first bite into the brine and the pickle that we call today Totally Original “OG”.  It was love at first bite.  From that day, we worked on perfecting that recipe and producing it on a large scale and still keep the consistency.  We were honored with a gold medal at The Fifty Best Pickles for them.

When you take a bite…

The first thing you will notice is a cool crisp snap.  Then you get a shot of brine and that is when you taste buds wake up and start to fire off.  You get the crunch, then the flavor, then you are hooked.  The Totally Original “OG” has been called our gateway pickle.  Once you try this one there is not stopping you from hitting up our Gnarly Garlic, Seriously Spicy, and then keep on powering through the starting lineup.


Cucumber, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Garlic, and Spices

Food Pairings: 

On the plate of every; burger, hot dog, sandwich, and a plate of pickles.  Chop up and put in chicken salad.  Use the brine to make a Vodka Dirty Martine or juice up your Bloody Mary.

Market Season Is Upon Us

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For all of our local fans, the weather has cooled off and we are back to our local Farmers Markets.  You can sample and grab a jar of all of your favorites from us as well as get to try some of our premium product and seasonal flavors.  We are featuring a new creations this weekend; Garlic Snappers.  Sugar snap peas doused in a garlic brine bath with a sensual balance of flavors and crunch that we all love.  We will have a limited supply of them at this weekend’s Wiregrass and Hyde Park Markets.  We hope to see you at some of these great markets throughout the next few months.

1st Saturday Fresh Market of Wiregrass

1st Sunday Hyde Park Market

4th Sunday Odessa Market at Starkey Ranch

Thanks for the Love!

The Chill Dill

New Location Alert

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Chill Dill’s are making their way all across Florida.  Here are a few of our newest locations.  Keep an eye out for more coming soon.  Use our Find Us page to pinpoint what is closest to you.  

Geieres Sausage Kitchen – Sarasota, FL

Lucky’s Market – St Petersburg, FL

JJ’s Market & Deli – St Petersburg, FL

Snow’s Country Market – Beverly Hills, FL

Morton’s Siesta Market – Siesta Key Florida


Pickle Post New Chapter

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Hello to all of our supporters.  We have not posted in a while, and we have a lot to share with you.  First off we would like to thank the SBDC for all of their help over the past few months in giving us the guidance we needed to take some big steps in growing our business.  We recently moved into our very own state of the art pickling kitchen with a massive walk in refrigerator so we can pump out the dills at a rapid pace.  We are also proud to announce that our locations are growing thanks to the help from Byff’s Fine Foods getting our product out on the shelves.  We are now in Sarasota, St Petersberg, and Orlando.  We have all of our locations organized and can be found on our “Find Us” page on our website.  By August 8th we will be entering in the St Petersburg Earth Origins Market and soon we will be coming to an Earth Origins near you.  They have 9 Florida Locations.  We just want to say thanks again to everyone who has helped us get to this point and hope to see you soon at one of our new locations.

The Chill Dill Team

Abbie, James, and Scott

We Are Hitting The Markets Hard This Weekend!

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This is the weekend to stock up!

With Super Bowl this weekend everyone is in need of their favorite snacks for the big game.  You are just in luck!  Not only are we at the Fresh Markets of Wiregrass Saturday from 10-2, but we are at the Hyde Park Market on Super Bowl Sunday.  For all of your asparagus lovers out there, we have some jars just made on Thursday that are some of the best looking ones I have seen all year long.  We also will be debuting our newest seasonal flavor, Bayou Blend. This Cajun blend of tri-color organic carrots, celery hearts, green beans, long peppers, and whole garlic make for a perfect snack or an even better addition to any Bloody Mary.  Come check us out at either one of the markets and stock up for the big game!

Same Great Pickle, New Look.

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You may have already noticed that we have made a few changes the last few months.  We are working hard to get our pickles out to as many Chill Dill lovers as we can.  We have listened to your feedback and made a few small changes.  For one… Our jars can now be opened without an engineering degree.  Many people had problems opening and closing the jars, so do not feel like you are the only one.  We listened and got a jar from a local company that has a larger break tab and a lot easier to close.  The biggest difference is when you see our jars on the shelf.  You will now notice a vibrant new label.  We have been working with a local designer who has helped to make our labels great!  So, keep an eye out for us at your next farmers market or in your favorite gourmet grocery store.

Freedom “OG” Chips

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Introducing our Freedom “OG” Chips

These guys will only come around a few times a year.  Whenever you are in need of the perfect topper for your burger or sandwich reach for a jar of these.  When you see them at your favorite location, do not hesitate to snag them up.  Bearss Groves will have a fresh stock of these for the 4th of July weekend.

Patriotic Chip Flyer